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FREE WATER at Sugarloaf UMC just after Hull Middle School Gets Out the First Day of School

FREE WATER at Sugarloaf UMC just after Hull Middle School Gets Out the First Day of School On August 5th which is the first day of school come on by Sugarloaf UMC for FREE Water Will be there from approximately 3:30 to 5ish giving away FREE Water to kids walking home from school and adults looking for a new church home.

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Outlook on the Stock Market from Edward Jones

-Be Sure You Spend Time Managing Your Portfolio with Your Investment Adviser -Though the general outlook is upbeat, Never Assume ALL is well for what you don’t know affect your investment performance. -Know your Investment Style and Be Sure you work with a well-experienced Financial Adviser/Certified Financial Planner

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IRS Tax Negotiations: Succeeding at IRS Tax Representation

"At His CPA PC we strive to do business the old fashioned way giving our clients much more than they thought they needed. In our ever changing economic times, it is even more important to stay ahead of the power curve in addressing your business issues, trends, and tax planning." --- John Dillard CPA

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IRS 2014 Tax Deadline News… Personal Income Tax Returns Were Due April 15, 2014 for the 2013 Tax Years

The original Tax Deadline for filing of your 2013 Personal Income Tax Return is April 15, 2014. Therefore all individual tax returns are due by that date. If for any reason you are not able to file your return by the due date both the IRS and state allows you to extend your return for six months. However don't let the extension "fool you." An extension to file is not an extension to pay as both the IRS and states require you to pay your taxes as ...

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2014 Navajo Family Mission Trip Reflections: Living Water of Christ

Regardless of how you felt or how you feel we all came back changed. However individually we ALL have to decide what we are going to do with that. Will it drive us closer to Christ or will we just see it as a good week in the desert of New Mexico?

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Does your CPA “Think Outside the Box?” Does Your CPA Communicate Well & Often? Or Does Your CPA and Your Taxes Live Safely Inside the Box? Does Your CPA Seek to Plan for the Future and is Innovative and Insightful? Or Does Your CPA Simply Interpret the Past?

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Do People Love to See You Coming or Prefer to See You Going

All too often I see people who LOVE to judge others! Especially Christians! I say this NOT Lightly as this includes me. But if we are to be known as Believers “They Will Know Us By Our Love”

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Sugarloaf United Methodist Church 2014 Family Mission Trip to Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico

Well it sounds as though everyone is home safely! Greg still has a journey to Florida ahead of him but other than that, everyone made it without incident and thank God for that. This week will be a week of adjustment, transition and getting back into "our norm". Just this morning driving to work, I kept thinking how nice it would be to move at a slower place, not have to fight to move into the next lane in traffic, take my time getting to wo...

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7 Ways to Discover if You are an Asset or an Hindrance to the Kingdom

I do not presume to have any idea to “know beyond a shadow of doubt” the Top 7 Ways to Discover if You are an Asset or an Hindrance to the Kingdom but I do know what I have seen what does work well versus to what does not. The MOST important thing is NOT how you stack up to this list but how you stack up to God’s.

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Need Help With Your Atlanta Financial Statements or Bookkeeping?

Your profit and loss statement contains a recap of your business operating results and summarizes the positive and negative influences of every business decision you reach. Though many of the balance sheet indicators are somewhat lagging to predict a firm's success, the profit and loss statement dramatically states and presents current financial data. There is no statistic, computation, component or percentage as important as a company's gross ...

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