How Much Should a CPA Cost for My Business?

How Much Should a CPA Cost for My Business?

They range from a few hundred to over ten thousand depending upon your needs and size of business. To get you a really good reliable quote I would need to talk to you a bit about what you need done and how well you have your data organized. Please note our initial consult is free. Let me know a couple of times that work for you and we will set something up.

However we have many clients for whom a typical fee is $900 to $1400 annually. This is for their corporate income tax return, their personal income tax return, tax planning and getting their data ready to prepare the corporate income tax return. This assumes your data is well organized and presented and that you utilize a payroll service as they can do your payroll better and faster than a CPA or a bookkeeping service. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Christian CPA Firm

1. We care much more about you and your business than just your taxes. We believe our clients are much more than just customers.

2. We focus on how short-term issues impact long-term decisions.

3. We answer questions you did not even know you had/knew were important.

4. We are proactive in our tax planning and consistently think “outside the box.”

5. We practice the “Golden Rule” focusing on serving your needs.

6. You want fast efficient turnaround in your work/returns.

7. You want accurate information.

8. You want your calls and correspondence responded to quickly.

9. You believe traditional business and moral principles are important.

10. You want to pay your lowest legal possible tax.

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