Atlanta CPA: Back Taxes, Liens, Levies, IRS Problems, IRS Representation, and Offer in Compromise

Atlanta CPA: Back Taxes, Liens, Levies, IRS Problems, IRS Representation, and Offer in Compromise

Solving IRS Tax Problems & Offer in Compromise in Atlanta

At His CPA PC we work hard helping clients with Solving Atlanta IRS Tax Problems and with their Offer in Compromise. We work the old fashioned way by working to make sure you pay your lowest legal tax. Discovering how the IRS process works will help you learn what you can do to help keep your head above water. Contact John Dillard CPA today at 770 814 9304.

How to Survive an IRS Audit: A Taxpayer’s Guide to Success
Learning about how audits are selected is the first step to discovering how to overcome the emotional and financial distress that normally occurs as part of the audit process. Lifting this veil will help keep you on an even keel in learning how to deal with the IRS audit.

When the IRS Notice Arrives
Rather than beginning the process in fear, discover how you can better prepare yourself so that you are not surprised at the audit process and its ultimate results. By seeing through to the other side you can best ready yourself to close your audit with no adjustments and no additional monies due.

Working with the IRS: Keeping your Tax Bill Manageable and Under Control

Solving Atlanta IRS Tax Issues
Don’t fight the IRS but work with them to resolve your tax problems. Discover a myriad of legal ways the IRS is eager and willing to work with you to resolve any unpaid debts, penalties, and interest.

Paying Your Taxes – Withholding and Extensions
Paying your taxes made easy. This section will enable you to quickly grasp the general guidelines of tax law requiring that you pay taxes as you earn money. As well, extensions and their uses and limitations are disclosed and discovered.

How to Avoid an IRS Audit for Your Atlanta Business
Discover simple steps that you can do to help prevent an IRS audit. Though the tax code is at times very difficult to understand and comply, these basic simple steps will help you avoid an IRS audit.

Solving Atlanta IRS Tax Problems: Submitting an Offer in Compromise
When all else fails and if you qualify, the IRS and Georgia both have a program which will enable you to work to solve the severest tax problems.  A Christian CPA Firm in Duluth GA Proudly Offering Corporate and Personal Income Tax Returns, Offer in Compromise, Tax Advocacy, Tax Mitigation and Tax Compliance, Back Taxes, IRS Representation, IRS Appeals, IRS Collections, IRS Installment Plans & IRS Wage Levies

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Duluth Corporate & Personal Income Taxes

Duluth Financial Statements

Duluth IRS Representation, Back Taxes & Offer in Compromise


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