Atlanta CPA Helping Solve IRS Tax Problems for Atlanta Taxpayers Over Thirty Years

Atlanta CPA Helping Solve IRS Tax Problems for Atlanta Taxpayers Over Thirty Years

Back Taxes, Liens, Levies, IRS Problems, IRS Representation, and Offer in Compromise

When the IRS Tax notice arrives always remember to first breathe deep and then to contact a good CPA you can trust. Tax notices are always based upon information solely that the IRS has. A good CPA, who also specialized in tax representation issues, can bring information to light that will frequently dramatically lessen the amount of tax owed and perhaps even the totality of the bill. For example, if your business received Form 1099’s indicating earned business income that is most often all that the IRS knows and if you have not yet filed your return. Accordingly in this instance, the IRS will not be aware of the many valid business expenses you might have against same for which a CPA can help you file the right returns and address.

IRS & Georgia Offers in Compromise. These are still great options for those who qualify but I suggest retaining only those with a proven track record and to pay for professional fees as they are delivered rather than up front. In this way you will by nature of the relationship with the CPA, have a much more interactive and communicative relationship as this tax issue is addressed.

IRS and Georgia Tax Liens & Levies. Having a CPA who is well versed in these areas will do much to make sure both your rights as a taxpayer and U.S. citizen are protected as well as to see that collection efforts, where appropriate, are deferred to allow you and your CPA ample time to address sensitive and complicated tax issues.

Tax Representation with the IRS and state of Georgia. Just as you would not go into a court battle without an attorney so should you not try to address critical business and personal tax issues without a CPA who can guide and assist during this process.

Tax Problems with the IRS and state of Georgia. IRS Problems do not have to be permanent and working with a CPA who knows the ins and outs of how both the IRS and tax law works will do much to mitigate your pain and financial outlay.

IRS Issues and those to states as well can be solved. Working hand in hand with a seasoned and wise CPA will do much to resolve these past issues so you can get on with the living of today.  A Christian CPA Firm in Duluth GA Proudly Offering Corporate and Personal Income Tax Returns, Offer in Compromise, Tax Advocacy, Tax Mitigation and Tax Compliance, Back Taxes, IRS Representation, IRS Appeals, IRS Collections, IRS Installment Plans & IRS Wage Levies


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