Duluth/Gwinnett CPA: Be Sure You Get Every Legal Tax Deduction

Duluth/Gwinnett CPA: Be Sure You Get Every Legal Tax Deduction

Leaving no stone unturned should be your goal when preparing your year-end income taxes for both your business and yourself personally, with thoroughness being the best way to ensure that your returns are correctly prepared. Below is a sampling of such a critique to ensure that that a client has all of the legal tax deductions allowed and to also ensure that you report all of your taxable income:

Open Items for your Personal Return

-I did not get a year-end earnings statement from your investment advisor for your one account there that was after tax (not a pension account). Please review/advise.

-I did not get the K-1 from your real estate investment.

-I did not get your business expenses against your 1099/independent contractor income.

-I need your mortgage interest, car tag tax, and cash and property contributions to charity.

-So far I have one pension distributions for $12,000. Is this all from your pension accounts as last year you had listed $30K.

-Please be reminded that tax law requires all active S Corporation owners who are active in the business to take a fair salary given position and profit. Though you did not have any profits you issued a Form 1099 to yourself, which is statutorily prohibited as you are not independent, as you own the company. In the future, if profit levels remain at approximately the same levels I would show these payments as repayments on the loan balance due her. If profit levels increase then you would want to be a wage earner and receive a W-2 as tax law requires that all active employee owners take a fair and reasonable salary given position and profit.

-I did not see copies of checks and forms where you made estimated payments.

-I need a copy of where you board approved your ministerial allowance.

– I have not heard anything back from the IRS about any Form 5500 about your P.C., as your old pension account in the business name was closed in prior years.

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