Is America Still A Christian Nation?

Is America Still A Christian Nation?

When the president stated some time ago that the United States of America was no longer a Christian nation it made me very mad. But what has occurred in our country since then, I believe what he said is true. With the approval of same sex marriages happening in many of our states, the acceptance in general of homosexuality both of which are in direct violation of God’s law, the long time acceptance of abortion by our Federal government, the banning of prayer in our schools, all of which are in direct conflict of His command to teach our children His values.

Satan has a strangling grip on our nation in general. It is stronger in some areas of our country than others, but since there does not seem to be any total unity to stop him, he will have his death grip on us very soon.

Our current president, and apparently most of our legislature, want to completely remove God not only from government and its institutions, but from society all together. I think that God has had enough of this country doing things its way and is going to continue to “allow” Satan to have his way. I

think the only thing we can do is pray for a remnant following of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. If God is to allow a remnant in this county, I want to be part of it as I am sure you do also. We must stand firm in our beliefs and not be timid, but bold in expressing them to all we encounter.

God Bless you all and may God have mercy on our Land,  A Gwinnett/Duluth Christian CPA Firm


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