Atlanta CPA: Using the Internal Revenue Service Tax Advocate Office

Atlanta CPA: Using the Internal Revenue Service Tax Advocate Office

For years the IRS has had an Tax Advocate Office for taxpayers who are need a little additional help in having their answers satisfactorily addressed with the Service. Before you reach the point as an individual or corporate taxpayer you will have wanted to be sure to have retained the needs of a CPA who is well versed in taxpayer representation issues with a history of success with the IRS. Care should be exercised at every level of the representation process to ensure that effective and concise correspondence it utilized so that the process is furthered along the way, rather than unduly hindered. The below letter is a sample of what might be sent to the IRS along with the attendant correspondence to ensure fair, just and effective communication:

Taxpayer Advocate Office, Internal Revenue Service
Atlanta GA 30308-8099

Dear Taxpayer Advocate Office,

I am following up on the enclosed correspondence of which the earliest letter was sent/forwarded including the amended return correcting all know tax issues and paying the taxes and estimated interest in full on 8-01-13.

The taxpayers are anxious to get their past tax issues resolved and have in good faith paid all of their open taxes and interest along with the forwarding of an amended personal income tax return.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and I am committed to ensuring that you get all the documentation that you need to close your file.

Please do not hesitate to call might you need any additional information.

Very Sincerely Yours, John C. Dillard, CPA, President

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