Duluth/Gwinnett Christian CPA Teaches How to be a Business Catalyst

Duluth/Gwinnett Christian CPA Teaches How to be a Business Catalyst

A catalyst is an event, substance or individual that when added to an environment or dynamic causes a disported reaction in terms of size, well in excess of what was originally added. One of the best examples of this is found in nature as a small amount of rolling snow can cause a avalanche. Though just a few ounces or flakes to start leaning in a downward direction they soon become a cascade of downward motion that will flatten all that lays in its path leveling trees, houses, covering roads and killing all in its way. To be a catalyst you have to possess something unique when added to an environment that we mixed with the existing base components causing an unusual reaction to occur. Being a change agent for good and a positive catalyst involves some basic tenants for which we can all practice to make a big difference in our lives.

-Hearing. If we do not first hear and listen we limit ourselves only to what we know ignoring the wisdom, insight and learning of others and availing ourselves of only what we know. Hearing is the basic building block of knowledge.

-Change. Repeating the past and expecting a different result is impractical, impossible and illogical. To be a positive contribution we have to be able to set aside our bad habits, repent of our past ways and look for new and invigorating ways of seeing the world and opportunities.

-Understanding. Looking to see how the pieces interact, knowing both your strengths and weaknesses are the beginning tools one will need to know their limits and abilities. Surrounding yourself with people who emphasize your talents and mitigate your failings are critical to being a positive contributor.

Leverage. If you opt to go it alone and to always do things yourself you are limiting yourself to the power of one. However if you look to work with others with a similar vision and to use tools to use your time and talents efficiently then you dramatically heighten your ability to reach many more people and to accomplish much more in a substantially reduce amount of time.

-Modeling. If you walk the walk and talk the talk, then others are much more apt to follow you than if you merely give tasks, goals and obligations lip service. Modeling also allows others to see how you do it so that they might adjust their lives, talents and skills accordingly.

-Persuasive. Being able to tell others what you are doing in a concise and enthusiastic manner are essential to getting people excited about your ideas and concerns. Being able to talk logically, teach methodically and to lead with charisma are worthy attributes to be obtained.

Sensitive. Being sensitive to environments, situations and people is an integral part of the process. Just as none of us works in a vacuum, so should we get a feel of the “lay of the land” before setting out on a path to ensure we are efficient and effective.

Working for the good of others and for noble efforts are much more apt to get the attention of others than your own self serving interests. Being a catalyst for good is not only a great way to change your business or ministry but also a vehicle to see outside of yourself and to change our world for the better.

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