Atlanta CPA on Sample IRS Representation Letter to File Power of Attorney & Offer in Compromise

Atlanta CPA on Sample IRS Representation Letter to File Power of Attorney & Offer in Compromise

Ensuring Successful Dealings with the Internal Revenue Service

When transmitting data to the IRS on behalf of a client I never use it as a means to a end but rather as part of a well-thought out process. Letters should be polite regardless of the situation, informative, insightful and direct. In all letters that I send when doing IRS Representation work, whether it be for an Offer in Compromise, tax lien, levy, garnishment or other collection issues and statutory assessments I strive to help all parties involved understand our intent and direction.

Though I have been asked many times, I have not ever, sent a letter to the IRS just to delay collection efforts. All dealings with the IRS should be just and fair with no sleight of hand by the client. Integrity, dealing only in the truth are watchwords, while using tax law procedures and processes to do what can legally be done to successfully process and Offer in Compromise, file back taxes, stop garnishments and liens, and to get taxpayers back into the system as a compliant and timely taxpayer. To this end I have below a Sample IRS Representation Letter to File Power of Attorney & Offer in Compromise:

Internal Revenue Service
Atlanta GA 39901

Enclosures: Power of Attorney 

Dear Sir or Madam, 

I am writing you in a good faith attempt to come to terms over the above taxpayers’ present predicament and to consider submitting an Offer in Compromise on their behalf. I am willing/eager to supply you with any information that you might need in order to process the Offer. I am working with the client to get their tax filings and payments current ASAP.

It is my goal to help in their efforts to return to compliance.

Since I have assumed the role as their financial advisor (they had no financial advisor previously), I have consulted with them, and in good faith would like to pay as much of the balance of the tax liability as they can, if indeed they do qualify.

Please note that I have advised the taxpayers that after the acceptance of their Offer that they must stay in compliance by keeping all of their filings and payments current for five years. They have further been advised that in the event they do no maintain the above that the previously accepted offer would be voided and the previously abated monies would be reinstated. 

Please cease all collection efforts while this Offer is being considered for submission and I work with the client to get all of your filings and payments current. 

Sincerely, John C. Dillard, CPA, PC, Partner in Charge A Christian CPA Firm in Duluth GA Proudly Offering Corporate and Personal Income Tax Returns, Offer in Compromise, Tax Advocacy, Tax Mitigation and Tax Compliance, Back Taxes, IRS Representation, IRS Appeals, IRS Collections, IRS Installment Plans & IRS Wage Levies


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