Duluth/Gwinnett CPA: Corporate and Personal Income Tax Preparation

Duluth/Gwinnett CPA: Corporate and Personal Income Tax Preparation

At His CPA PC we work hard on your taxes so you can focus on your business. Frequently we are sought out and retained for our experience in helping clients file old back tax returns and for success in IRS Tax Representation. This is a sample letter we might send to a client to help them get their past tax returns current and filed:

Just a thought…to help out

Our typical rates are exactly in line with what we have billed but I want do everything reasonable that I can to help you get your personal income taxes current.

I would like to propose that we the three back years personal income tax returns for a reduce rate. Please note this is well below our normal rates for three years and assumes the data is well organized and presented.

Please be reminded that you asked the IRS to make your LLC an S Corporation and that this request was mailed to the IRS on a timely basis. By now you should have received a S Corporation acceptance letter from the IRS. Please forward us a copy. As we have discussed to ensure that your return complies with tax law you will need to ensure that you have paid to yourself a reasonable salary given position and profit of the business. If you have not yet done this I suggest you will want to do ASAP for all tax years and to retain a payroll service for 2013. Under separate cover when you are ready let me know and I will send you a referral or two if you desire for a payroll service.

To help ensure your CPA fees are as low as possible I for these corporate payroll tax reports I suggest you show any payroll in the last month of the respective tax years and to use a bookkeeper to prepare these.

If you have not been transacting business in the name of your LLC let me know ASAP so we might advise accordingly to have you do so.

Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon.

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