Johns Creek/Suwanee/Duluth CPA Advises Atlanta Business What Entity Type Is Best for Your New Business

Johns Creek/Suwanee/Duluth CPA Advises Atlanta Business What Entity Type Is Best for Your New Business

When Incorporating in Georgia it is critical to your tax bill to be sure you select the entity that is the best for your business. Be sure that you work with a CPA BEFORE you get your business incorporated to ensure you start off on sound financial footing.

Below is a sample of a recent inquiry we received off of our web site covering the many and varied details of incorporating:

I’m setting up my own new business in Georgia with me as the sole employee, doing business out of my home, very minimal start-up costs and I believe I should get E&O insurance. Do you have any recommendations on whether I should setup as a LLC or an S Corporation (I really don’t know the difference)? I’m assuming a Georgia S-Corporation is just more expensive & complicated to set up…and a PS (is that sole proprietors). Somehow I stumbled across your site and I love seeing the faith spread along with your business. God has worked wonders in my life. I’m really not sure why a LLC is so frequently recommended if I have E&O insurance. Hopefully, you might have some leads on this information. Thanks and best of luck to business in Georgia. God Bless

Choosing the correct entity for your new Georgia business will have tax implications for the whole period that you own your business. Being sure that you make a well informed and judicious decision will do much to ensure that you make a prudent decision. Reviewing these articles and meeting with a business CPA who is well versed in these matters will do much to ensure you make an informed and wise decision.

Incorporating 101: Keeping the Process of Incorporating Your Georgia Business Simple

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