Atlanta CPA Provides Sample Cover Letter When Getting Ready to Prepare for an IRS Audit

Atlanta CPA Provides Sample Cover Letter When Getting Ready to Prepare for an IRS Audit

When getting ready for an IRS audit it is good to start off the relationship with both the client and the IRS to build trust, confidence, availability and goal setting. As none of us in life will be able to do it all by ourselves, finding a CPA who has a proven track record of success in IRS Representation issues whether you are facing a lien, levy, IRS assessment, garnishment or readying to submit an Offer in Compromise is essential To that end and to assist I have provided a sample letter to the IRS that we use to begin an audit for a client with the end in mind.

Internal Revenue Service
401 W. Peachtree Street
Atlanta GA 

Enclosures: Power of Attorney

Dear Sir or Madam, 

I am writing you in a good faith attempt to come to terms over the above taxpayers’ present predicament and to address their tax issues. I am willing/eager to supply you with any information that you might need in order to process the audit. I am working with the client to get their tax filings correct and payments current ASAP.

It is my goal to help in their efforts to return to compliance. Since I have assumed the role as their financial advisor (they had no advisor previously). I have consulted with them, and in good faith will need approximately thirty days to pull all of the information together that you have requested. Please ASAP confirm the years under audit as the notices I received indicated different years than what the client has understood, so that we might be pulling together the correct information requested.

Please cease all collection while I work with the client to get all of their tax filings amended and payments current. 

Sincerely, John C. Dillard, CPA, PC,  Partner in Charge

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