Duluth/Johns Creek CPA Provides Checklist to Ensure the Accuracy of Your Business Internal Financials

Duluth/Johns Creek CPA Provides Checklist to Ensure the Accuracy of Your Business Internal Financials

Helping clients in Metro Gwinnett/Atlanta help themselves is one of the key operating tenants in which we help serve the Business Community. This simple and straightforward checklist will do much to ensure that you have performed an internal “gut check” on your corporations internal data before your Corporate, LLC, S Corporation or LLP return is prepared.

Before you send your Year-End Financial please be sure that:

  • The general ledger balance agrees to your checkbook and your bank reconciliation.
  • The Accounts Receivable balance agrees to your internal aging reports.
  • The Accounts Payable balance agrees to your internal aging reports.
  • You advise of any fixed assets that have been acquired or disposed of during the year.
  • That ALL of the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts are correct.
  • That you have only one retained earnings account.
  • That as of January 1st of the prior year that you closed the shareholder distributions account to retained earnings.
  • That the retained earnings account on your internal books equals or is reconcilable to the retained earnings to the last corporate tax return filed

We do desire for our clients to become CPA’s or even good accountants, but what we do strive to do is to provide a good working knowledge of your internal books, corporate income tax returns, tax planning and personal income taxes so that by educating our clients just enough we are able to better serve our clients.

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