Incorporating Your New Georgia Business

Incorporating Your New Georgia Business

Incorporation: Choosing a Entity Type for Your New Georgia Business

Evaluating what type of entity your business should be, we strive to balance the legal protection issues vs. the tax savings. Over the years, we have developed the mindset that there is no perfect election but there are ones that are better than others.

My clients tell me that they want to pay as few tax dollars as legally possible. Below are some very specific rules, as well as some generalities. If you are considering incorporating in Georgia, we suggest that you sit down with a tax professional to see how these guidelines relate to you.

Understanding S Corporations

S Corporations can have no more than one hundred shareholders and they all need to be U.S. citizens or resident aliens. This corporation type almost always has to have a calendar year as the fiscal year. S Corporation rules have been around since the 1950s and were set up to simplify the rules and regulations of being a business owner.

Liability Protection and Subchapter S Corporations

An S Corporation, like a C Corporation, affords the business owner personal liability protection from business risks. Some of the keys to maximizing that protection are to treat the corporation like one by doing all your business in the corporate name, signing all of your documents listing your corporate title, not co-mingling any personal issues/bills in the corporation, and by having your annual Board of Directors and Annual Shareholder Minutes Meeting.

Choosing an Entity Type for Your New Georgia Business
Your initial choice of entity is perhaps the most important tax, financial and legal decision you might ever reach. Being well versed in these areas is essential to a wise and prudent decision. See

Determining How Your New Georgia Business Will Be Taxed: Effects of Entity Choice
Carefully considering the tax effects of your entity choice is essential to getting your business off on the right foot. Being careful to avoid, if at all possible, the double taxation of C Corporations and then selecting the right entity for your business from both a tax and legal perspective is critical. Visit

Getting Your New Georgia Business Started
Understanding many of the basics of the start of the incorporation process will do much to ensure that you are well-versed and able to make wise and informed decisions. As these issues will affect your business operations and finances during the lifetime of your business they are essential to getting started well. Go to

Determining Where to Incorporate Your New Geogia Business
The decision of where to incorporate your business is a critical component of getting your business started. Learn what you need to know to make a well-informed decision. See

Gerogia Corporation Forms and Registrations Checklist
Whether you are just incorporating or have been in business for years. This summary will enable you to quickly locate the forms and guidance you need to ensure your business maintains tax compliance. Visit

Incorporating Your Issues for Your New Georgia Business Leadership

Knowing who will lead your business, their morals, beliefs and work ethic are essential to success in your new business venture. Determining who should be at the helm and who should follow will do much to avoid needless delays and time lost in aimless decision making.

Incorporating the Details for Georgia Business Owners
Learning the basics of incorporation will do much to ensure that you do not make a costly mistake. Discovering the details of what all is involved in your new Georgia business will much to ensure you avoid costly mistakes and blunders.

To learn more about tax entities and the taxation thereof visit There you will also discover a wide host of resources for American Entrepreneurs.

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