Do You Have Teens Who Are Looking for a Mission Trip This Summer?

Do You Have Teens Who Are Looking for a Mission Trip This Summer?

Taking Christianity Into the World

Recently I received a note from one of our very important team members that speaks volumes as to why I believe that Mission work is one the very best ways to release God’s power into your life. I invite you to read it solely and listen to God’s pulling on your heart.

Good morning family. It always amazes me of God’s perfect timing. Last evening some of us met to discuss future plans for our next visit to our second home, Pueblo Pintado and this a.m. I finally carve time out of my busy schedule to sit and read Carol’s amazing words of reflection on our trip this year to Pueblo Pintado!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God for Carols’ gift and time to assist us in remembering who’s we are and who we serve. Carol I can’t thank you enough for your special gift to us all. I was once again able to enjoy our journey and mission, but to also get caught up with the other Miracles God has provided for other team members. PRAISE GOD!

As we were driving home last evening (he tired from a long day at work) we both agreed how blessed and full of sweetness our life has become. Our PP family adds to that sweet taste and fills our hearts to a different level. It is amazing how comfortable and safe I feel with my mission team family. I truly have nothing to hide, I am able to share my weaknesses and strengths and am loved for both. Thank you Lord for your blessings on this mission team. We feel your love and spirit.

In God’s Grace, Awee’ Chiin (My Navajo Name)

To gain a bit of our work there I invite you to watch our video. I entreat you to pray before you watch, that you watch with a open heart, and then that you listen to the Lion of Judah, Our God, speaking to your heart. Perhaps your family, your church, your Bible study group might join our Family Missions Work to the Navajo as we call down the power of Almighty God as we Worship, Grow and Serve Jesus Christ. See God at work at If you listen and watch with an open heart, it will change your world.


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