Answering God’s Call to Ministry

Answering God’s Call to Ministry

About 2 years ago I began to get this overwhelming feeling that God was telling me to develop a ministry within a nursing home. I tried for over a year and a half to ignore it as just a figment of my imagination. The biggest reason was after visiting a grand elderly person at the nursing home after she had a stroke, I swore to myself I would never go to another. It was so very depressing. So since I did not want to go there I just knew God would not tell me to do this ministry.

At about the two year mark I gave in to Him and decided to go for it. Well I thought I would be able to just jump in and visit these people, no problem. It has not been that easy. I had to fill out applications, interview, go through background checks and wait, and wait. Well in the meantime I had just about given up and decided to begin serving at my church. I have been attending this church for over 15 years and did not know anybody there.. I mean, no one. Whose fault was that? Mine. My daughter also attended, from the age 12 to 17 and everyone knew her. She was involved in everything they would allow a teenager to do. I was just Chelsea’s dad. Anyway to make a long story short, I think God wanted me to learn how to be a Christian before I tried to go out in world in His name. I started reading and studying the Bible more and being more involved with other Christian people.

Finally, after a time I had almost forgotten about the nursing home ministry, I got a call from the hospital telling me I had been accepted and could begin the process of starting my ministry. I think for me God is letting me work within His time frame not mine. So my advice to you is to first look to your Pastor for direction. They always have people within the church at different levels of ministry.

I do not know what you know about Pastor 7 and his ministry and I only know what John has told me. For me at the present time it is just too far away and there are plenty of areas I can serve the Lord here in Gainesville. You may know about his ministry and just do not feel comfortable with it, but I can tell you this, you will have to step out of your comfort zone at sometime. Some people can do in big leaps, some of us need to take baby steps. Listen to God, He will guide you. Pray, pray, pray!

God bless you,
Love in Jesus Christ,
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