Duluth CPA: Donations Needed for Family Mission Trip

Duluth CPA: Donations Needed for Family Mission Trip

Duluth CPA:  Donations Needed for Family Mission Trip to Navajo Indian Reservation

Bingo Donations:
Household items:   towels, plates, cups, dinnerware, cooking utensils, food items, sponges,   aprons, small cleaning
supplies, kitchen/bath towels, oven   mitts, blankets, wash cloths, mops/buckets,
Personal Hygiene items:   shampoo, toothpaste, hair accessories, brushes
Men’s items:   tools, shirts, hats
Women’s items:   clothing, bags, candles
Misc items:   laundry supplies, food/canned goods, Wal-Mart gift cards
Senior center
beading, crafts, yarn, fabric, glue
Community night:
Happy meal toys (new), small play   jewelry, small action figures, small flashlights,
candy (not chocolate), carnival   prizes
baby supplies, hair accessories,   belts, bags, sharpies (multi-colors), books for all ages (appropriate –
no Harlequins or questionable   material), sidewalk chalk, water balloons, hot glue guns and sticks,
gift cards for cash, Home Depot gift   cards
Most Needed:
WalMart Gift Cards of any value!!!!!!

Feel  free to call John Dillard CPA at 770 814 9304 for more information on the trip and how you/your family can go with us the Week of July 6, 2013


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