VE DAY-MAY 8, 1945

VE DAY-MAY 8, 1945

I think most people pay little attention to this day, May 8, and what it represents to this country and most of the rest of the world. I believe that 68 years ago this date marked a magnificent victory of our Father in Heaven, Yahweh or if you prefer, God. Just to refresh all who read this, on May 8, 1945, Germany surrendered and the war in Europe ended. In my mind on that day one of Satan’s greatest demons was defeated by the grace of God.

In one the Bible study tools I receive on a daily basis a person by the name of Josh Moody had a commentary on Psalms 126 called “The Secret of Joy. As I was reading it I could not help but think of what this date should me to all of us. As he explained, the Psalm is actually in two parts the first, vs. 1-3 being compared to a dream and the second vs. 4-6 is a prayer. I am going to print it out for so you can see what I am talking about.

I am not going to write about the end of the war and how this Psalm relates to the Jews because I think it is obvious when you consider what was happening to them at this time. But there cannot be any doubt how this Psalm relates to them. But this Psalm relates also very deeply to us as a country, as individuals. Not many of us can relate personally as to how it was at the end of that war, but if you listened to the ones who would talk about it or have taken the time to see what it was like during that period of time via books or television, you would understand how fearful, angry, and depressed people would have been. Literally thousands of men and women were being wounded or killed daily. For most of us we cannot fathom how Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Husbands, Wives and Children withstood the possibility of getting that telegram saying your loved one was missing or killed in action. So it is no wonder how joyful people were when the news of the surrender finally came. I am sure it was like the best of dreams one could ever experience. The streets were filled with those who were laughing, crying with joy, and yes I am sure singing as loud as they could. We would not have been able to defeat the demon without the help of God Almighty. There were countless stories from those who were there who said so many battles absolutely could not have been won without some Higher Being looking over them. From the beaches of Normandy on, the Sword of God Almighty Himself was leading the charge and we were destined to defeat Satan again. I am not talking about happiness. I am talking about pure JOY of release of stress, strain, pain, and fear of now knowing your loved one is coming home. Take a deep breath and scream Hallelujah! Praise our Lord, God Almighty.(Yahweh)

The balance of the Psalm is a prayer asking the Lord to restore us to the great country we were meant to be; restore all the blessings He had in mind for us before the Great Depression. As we began to rebuild our country, we be mindful of all the tears that had been shed and we turn those tears of pain to tears of joy as He blesses us with the abilities to make this country even greater than before. Praying that we never forget not only the greatest generation of men and women, but more importantly we be ever thankful that it was and is He who is beside this great nation. We need to be shouting out to the Lord daily thanking Him for His love, always looking to Him for guidance.

Unfortunately, this great nation appears to be heading in the opposite direction. Fewer and fewer people are looking to Him. Even the ones who are, are becoming under greater attacks from within this country. Satan has got a foothold and he is gaining ground daily. Please pray for our country daily. Pray that our leaders would start to look to Him for the important decisions that need to be made. Don’t be afraid to reach out to all you know, believers and non-believers, and tell them we need to shout out to Him and ask Him to give the remnant here and now the enlightenment as to how to turn our country around. I personally look to His Sword of Truth and all His Power to lead us through the valley of the shadow that is over our country now.

Glory be to God Almighty (Yahweh), Love you all in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ,
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