Duluth/Gwinnett CPA on Home Mortgages…How to Best Avoid Defaulting

Duluth/Gwinnett CPA on Home Mortgages…How to Best Avoid Defaulting

Selecting the Right Home Mortgage

With all the different types of mortgages and fund investment strategies it is difficult, if not impossible, for the average investor/home buyer to make a decision about what is the best type of mortgage to pursue: interest only, fixed, variable, or for what term. Care should be given in all financial matters to review a particular households short and long term needs and then ideally balancing as much of these as possible so as to gain as large a financial advantage as possible while not unnecessarily exposing your personal household’s finances.

With the spirals in the real estate continuing with no apparent end in sight, leveraging or mortgaging real estate still makes financial sense. However, just because someone is willing to give you a loan does not mean that it makes for wise financial sense for your family. Great care and due diligence should be exercised when taking out a loan. Though surely for most if not all of us the first home purchase is one in which we are apt to be the most highly leveraged. Having been fresh out of school and perhaps just starting our careers we do not possess the financial resources to place any substantive amount of down payment. However, for each and every subsequent purchase we should take great care to ensure that our wants do not exceed our ability to pay. Accordingly it is wise to be sure to add a substantive buffer between our monthly expenses and our monthly income as we can always be sure there will be bumps along the way causing minor as well as substantive financial pitfalls along the way. Therefore we should be sure to living well below the standard of living that our income allows us to do so that these downward financial turns which are certain to occur do not unduly affect our ability to keep the financial obligations we incur. Although the loss of a job or a medical illness which occurs over more than just a few months or even years is apt to derail even the best planners, we should be ready to stand up to smaller adversities by ensuring that we keep our debt load low.

Remember “Creative Financing” means that you probably cannot afford it. Although I seldom disagree with a clients decision to buy anything I do often debate the timing as to a certain financial decision so as to not unnecessarily expose your household or business financially. Prudence when agreeing to acquire a property and taking on a debt load will be critical to ensuring long term financial success. Just because a particular lender is willing to give you a loan does not mean that it is a wise decision. I suggest that for all major debt acquisitions such as homes, buildings, and cars that you consult your financial adviser/CPA well before a decision becomes emotional and your desires begin to outweigh your primary concern of protecting the family’s long term financial viability.

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