Duluth/Gwinnett CPA: Personal Returns Are Due October 15th

Duluth/Gwinnett CPA: Personal Returns Are Due October 15th

Though Personal Returns Are Due October 15th; Be Sure You Do Them Right so you will avoid unnecessary IRS audits, liens, collections, amendments, penalties and interest. The below is a sample letter we might send to a taxpayer critiquing the data they originally forwarded to ensure that a proper return is filed reflecting only their lowest legal possible tax:

For your returns I need:

For Your Personal Income Tax Return

Your daughter’s birth-date

Any Interest Income, Dividends, Capital Gains/Stock/Investment Sales

Property or cash contributions to Charity

Mortgage Interest

Property Taxes on personal cars

For your Corporate Return

What/How much is medical insurance premiums.

Although You did forward the amortization schedules they are not posted current nor were all payments listed for the three notes in the auto expense categories. Please get to me confirmation from the bank what the debt the company owes at 12/31/09.

Find a CPA who is not transaction oriented. Anyone can do what you ask or perhaps even file your returns for a few years while striving to keep your tax bill as low as legally possible. You will want to find a CPA whose ambition matches that of your own including your zeal and temperament and one who is a forward thinker. His practice and focus should be forward thinking and insightful, while consistently giving advice focusing on the future of your business and not solely an interpreter of its past. No CPA can change what has already transpired but a wise and sage CPA can help you and your business avoid pitfalls which will befall you otherwise. A CPA can help strengthen your management team, if used wisely and often, and can help guide you through many of business most thought provoking issues while offering counsel to both maximize your time and efforts.

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