Jesus is calling. Pick up the Phone.

Jesus is calling. Pick up the Phone.

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God is calling us all deeper. MUCH deeper.

We all get tired. Often VERY tired. Jesus EVEN did often choosing to go out into the desert to be alone.

If Jesus took breaks then so should we. HOWEVER in my own life when I was MUCH more of the world than of Christ. I took breaks. LONG ones. One was even 10 years.

Jesus was perfect. Therefore HE was a perfect model and gave us an example of how to live. When Jesus went out into the desert and rested. He did it for forty days.

Maybe you do need a break. Maybe you like me have already taken a 10 year break or maybe even longer. Maybe it is time for you to press forward. To press ever towards the prize and hope we have in Christ for there is MUCH for us to do.

There are many about us at work, school, neighborhoods, family, friends, at the gas station, the grocery store and they are there at the drive through. People like you made in the VERY image of GOD.

Be a light. A light for Christ. As you read this, I ask you to consider…

You may be the ONLY Jesus someone sees today.

Will you be a light for Christ or will you hide your light under a rock.

There is Much to Be Done for the Kingdom.

God please show us HOW.

But it starts just as a mighty fire with a single spark.

Jesus loves you, in spite of where you have been and even what you think.

The Creator of the Universe loves you SO much He chose to come down here and live among us. All the while knowing WE would kill HIM and he would suffer a most agonizing death.

Jesus is calling. Pick up the Phone.

Wanting You to Morph even MORE into HIS image.

Join us This Sunday.

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Dare to Attempt Something so Great for the Kingdom of God that it is doomed

to failure, lest Christ be in it!


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