Duluth/Norcross/Johns Creek CPA: Using a Payroll Service

Duluth/Norcross/Johns Creek CPA: Using a Payroll Service

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For the new business owner getting your new business started; it is essential to get it going in the right direction; utilizing an Atlanta Payroll Service to process your company’s payroll is your best bet to get your Atlanta business started off on the right foot. A payroll service has the advantage, whether you have one employee or thousands, of quickly and efficiently handling all of your payroll needs. Payroll services will handle all of your payroll issues including:

-Payroll Check Preparation.
-Payments to federal, state and local authorities.
-Payroll reports to federal, state and local authorities.
-Printed or Electronic Checks.
-On-line or next day delivery.
-On-line, verbal for fax reporting.
-Active customer support.
-Management ready payroll reports.
-New Hire Reporting Assistance & Compliance.
-Garnishment Assistance.
-Assistance with Payroll Reports.
-Handling of any IRS or state tax notices received.
-Automatic drafting of payroll taxes and fees.
-Automatic crediting of payroll proceeds to an employee’s personal account.

If you are in Gwinnett County or any of North Metro Atlanta a good choice for all of your payroll needs is to contact David Morrow of Prime Pay at 770-841-1184

Having served as a CPA in Atlanta for now 34 years, I remain committed now more than ever that a CPA firm, who has your best interests at heart, will not perform payroll services. Though a CPA firm is eminently qualified to handle and perform payroll tasks and all of their reporting issues, a CPA firm by definition will either charge you CPA rates for predominantly clerical services or they will package or bundle the services putting their name on a payroll company’s work adding there mark up for doing so. Desiring first to serve is a motto we all should aspire to. If where you live is at all similar to the Atlanta marketplace, there are many fine payroll companies, many of them national companies, who are more than capable of providing excellent service at a fair price. To read more about payroll tax issues visit:

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Hiring a CPA

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  • Great post, John. It is quite important for business-newbies to decide between using a payroll software and handling it all manually by themselves. Usually they tend to pick the latter, until they decide they can do better things with their time, and switch to the latter.

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