When is the “right time to hire a Virtual CFO?”

When is the “right time to hire a Virtual CFO?”

When Should My Business Use a Virtual CFO/Controller for My Business?

When Should a Virtual CFO be able to “quickly add value” to my business management team?

When is the “right time to hire a Virtual CFO?”

How to Use an Atlanta CPA as a Part-Time/Virtual CFO/Controller for Your Business

Atlanta Virtual CFO

During these tough economic times it makes now more sense than ever to use a Part-Time/Virtual CFO/Controller for Your Business. Rather than having the full time benefits and monetary responsibilities of a VP of Finance or Financial Officer, it often makes more “cents” to hire someone part-time rather than a full-time staff member/employee as often in doing so you gain several unique advantages.

-Use it when you want to. By using an outside consultant you are able to pay for work when you need it done, rather than every day. By utilizing a part-time Chief Financial Officer you are able to use their talents and services as the needs of your business expand and contract.

-Strategic Allocation. By having a part-time financial officer you avoid having to pay a high priced full-time employee on staff at all times. This will preclude and avoid paying a higher rate for many of the more mundane and clerical tasks that can be delegated either to your administrative staff, accounting personnel or a bookkeeper.

Profit Maximization. Rather than the high rate of a permanent staff member, retaining a part-time Virtual CFO enables to spend the same amount of money or less, but yet to retain a more senior and experienced financial adviser. 

Though our client situations are different and unique, responsibilities at each and every client is varied, the goal of every Virtual CFO for each client should be the same, to save you much more and to contribute more in terms of profit maximization than their fees.  Just a few of the tasks you can assign a Part-Time/Virtual CFO for your business can include:

-Amending and correcting prior corporate and personal income tax returns claiming previously missed deductions.

-Working as a consultant/adviser with your Tax Attorney regarding estate planning, gifting and strategic business issues.

-Obtaining refunds from both the IRS and state for monies clients did not know they were legally entitled to.

-Making Tax Elections to convert LLC’s and C Corporations to S Corporations thereby legally avoiding double taxation and earned income assessments for FICA/Medicaid taxes.

-Obtaining Tax Relief from both the IRS and Georgia for previously assessed taxes. We have even received checks back from the IRS for previously paid monies.

-Assessment of financing needs and assisting and the obtaining of lines of credit and permanent financing.

-A keen understanding of shareholder issues and the design and implementation of shareholder agreements.

-Obtaining of financing for owner occupied properties.

-Job costing analysis and costing standards.

-Accounts Receivable billing and collection procedures along with collection of problem accounts.

-Computerization and Streamlining of accounting and bookkeeping procedures.

-Insight as to Compensation Plans and agreements.

-Due Diligence, Business Acquisitions and Business Sales. 

In short a Part-Time/Virtual CFO is one who becomes an integral trusted adviser and who has the ability to see both the “forest and the trees” at the same time. Thinking strategically while acting practically is a watchword that bodes well with long-term success. Adding value by strengthening internal control should all be the focus of good outside financial adviser/Part-Time Controller. Seeking first to understand, plain talk and judicious discernment are all hallmarks of prudent business management and profit maximization. An #AtlantaVirtualCFO/CPA should a key member of your management team and helps you in your goal to succeed as an entrepreneur with their long-term goal being that your life, your business and your retirement are all better off as a result of your business relationship.

At His CPA we work to retain the best CPA’s on our staff and whose desire is to serve the Lord, by serving YOU, our client. Our motto of “Serving Him…by Serving You, One Tax Return at a Time” is not just a watchword but a legacy. Serving clients by the “Golden Rule” is where the “rubber meets the road.” This is just part of a series of letters where we highlight just a few of the recommendations and client letters we have received. Call us today and put our staff to work for you making sure you pay your lowest legal tax, avoid unnecessary penalties and long range planning. We look to provide CPA and Tax Return Advice you can trust. Put an award winning CPA to work for you today as past winner of the Georgia Accounting Advocate of the Year Award.

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