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Duluth CPA Providing Small Business Solutions to Gwinnett Entrepreneurs as a Virtual CFO/CPA

We Did NOT Invent Perfection… But We Work Hard at it EVERY Day… Is it TIME to Upgrade the CPA Services to Your Growing Business?

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What Makes a Christian CPA Firm Different?

Serving Metro Atlanta Business Owners for decades as a Faith Based CPA firm, we take God's principles with us to work each and every day. When you get ready to incorporate your new business in Georgia you will want to consider all of the tax and legal responsibilities. We have helped hundreds of new Georgia business owners get started.

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John Dillard CPA on What Makes HIS CPA PC Unqiue

As soon as we get familiarity with the individual intricacies of a particular client we then seek to sit down with the business owner and their spouse to help map out a financial plan that not only helps plan for retirement, but also debt liquidation, planning for college, investment risks etc. As a Gwinnett CPA for decades we have helped hundreds of Atlanta Business Owners not only save on their taxes but help guide them towards short and long t...

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Got Questions When Pulling Your Tax Information Together?

The below is a sample letter we might receive from one of our business clients pulling their tax information together to prepare their returns. It's hard enough to know what to look for that's why we work hard on the front end to ensure you have all of your tax information well compiled to make sure you pay only your lowest legal possible tax

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Duluth, Snellville, Johns Creek CPA: IRS Installment Agreement Request

IRS Representation is not for the meek or the ill-prepared. If you owe the IRS more than $10,000 be sure to consult with a CPA who is well versed in IRS Tax Representation issues. The below is a sample letter we might send to the IRS on behalf of a client who had back taxes who is now seeking to file all of those returns and to address the open monies with the IRS

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Atlanta/Cumming/Johns Creek CPA: Determining Your Federal and State Withholdings

The federal income tax you pay runs on a self scheduled basis, where you can mostly pay as you go throughout the fiscal year. You are required to pay the federal tax when you earn money and or get income throughout the year. Don't be lulled to sleep believing an extension to file, Form 4868 is an extension to pay. You can pay these daily basis federal taxes in two different ways. We have displayed them below.

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Estimated Payments to the IRS and State of Georgia for Personal Income Taxes

IRS Form 1040 and Form 500 to Georgia/state should be used to account for and record and reflect all estimated tax amounts from the year when you are filing your year-end taxes. You can also include any overpayment or tax refund monies you applied from the prior year you had credited to your current year's form there as well.

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Are You Put Out With God Today?

Each and every one of you are dearly loved and I never want you to feel like you are in your pain alone. We are all here with you and are trying to understand as much as we can in this life not having gone through this exact experience before. Often we need to seek out counseling just to have someone to talk too that can listen like you need them to and none of us can provide just the right words or comfort that it's going to take to see you thr...

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Does Your CPA Pay Attention to ALL the Details?

At His CPA we look to pay attention to all of your details ensuring that you are paying only what you owe and not a penny more.

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People often ask me "What Can a Christian CPA Do to Serve God?" To gain insight on this and many other relevant articles for Christians in the workplace visit

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