John Dillard and HIS CPA – Involved in the Community

The founder of HIS CPA, John Dillard, believes that there is more to life than paying taxes and keeping track of money. He believes that part of his life should be devoted to giving to others. As a result, he has made community involvement an active part of his life. He assisted in having the Georgia State Supreme Court declare the Georgia Trade Secrets Act of 1990 unconstitutional. This law would have allowed employers to enforce non-compete agreements that otherwise would have created a restraint of trade and a lack of employees to work for the employer of their choice thus limiting ones freedom.

In 2004 and 2005, John worked with members of the Georgia Legislature to create a law requiring criminals responsible for violent acts against children to pay for the victim’s medical expenses and counseling care. After contacting members of the legislature and the Governor’s office, and going to the Capitol to address the legislature on the issue, the Crime Victim’s Restitution Act of 2005 became law on July 1, 2005. You can read more about John’s efforts to get this bill passed here.

John has also given back through his involvement with the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. As an ambassador for the Chamber, he has mentored other members to get them up to speed in taking advantage of chamber services, and in making their businesses more successful. He has also given speeches at chamber meetings, and has written a number of articles on financial planning and creating business plans.

John was nominated for the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year for 2006, and received Georgia’s Accountant Advocate of the Year Award for 1999.

John also gives back through his faith in Christ. He has participated in a mission to disadvantaged countries to spread his faith and provide assistance to those in need.

John has published four books. His first book, Charleston Dawn, a murder mystery that tests the Christian faith of its main characters. Published in the spring of 2006, the work is the first in a series set in the Low Country of South Carolina. His most recent work is Low Country Calling, published in the summer of 2010.

John Dillard's Books

He has also published Overcoming Life’s 911’s and A Voice of One, part of his Inspiration Series. This series explores several of the books of the Old Testament, and relates the lives of biblical characters such as Job and Nehemiah to the struggles people today face with their faith and their lives.