Gwinnett/Duluth CPA Advises on Incorporating in Georgia

Incorporating in Georgia is still one of the best things you can do as you plan for your long-term business’s success. Incorporating gives you several advantages that you otherwise could not enjoy.

“Serving Metro Atlanta Business Owners for decades as a Faith Based CPA firm, we seek to take God’s principles with us to work each and every day. When you get ready to incorporate your new business in Georgia you will want to consider all of the tax and legal responsibilities. We have helped hundreds of new Georgia business owners get started.”
— Gwinnett/Duluth CPA, John Dillard CPA

Legitimacy: Incorporating tells the business and social community in which you thrive that you are serious about your operations and that you have taken initial requisite steps to get your business started. All of us want to know that the products and services we buy from others will be supported, so it is with those who buy from us. Many governmental agencies will not even buy or lend to those who are not incorporated and an informed consumer is always looking esoterically for indicators showing a seller’s commitment to their product/services.

Liability Protection: Our world has become full of people who are looking to make a fast dollar and there are those about who are quick to find any get rich method they can find.  Nowhere has this become more prevalent than in our court system, which was originally intended and set up to right a wrong. However, now our courts are full of frivolous cases where greed rather than fairness are the watchword. Although there is no such thing as perfect protection you can help limit your exposure by acting in good faith, using good judgment and wise discernment, and incorporating to help limit your personal assets from being exposed to corporate liability.

Tax Savings: LLC’s, LLP’s, and Partnerships are often the entity of choice for real estate ventures as real estate can be moved in and out of them without having to pay any capital gain taxes. C Corporations are ideal for those who will have over one hundred shareholders or by nature of their business and capitalization structure need multiple classes of stock. S Corporations are well suited for business owners where, after a reasonable salary is paid to all of the active owners, shareholder distributions are legally devoid of FICA/Medicaid taxes.

Incorporating is the most important tax decision you will ever reach in your business and making it along with a trusted adviser is your best choice. We have helped guide hundreds in this endeavor over the years and are ready to help you. Contact HIS CPA PC (A Christian CPA Firm) today.

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