Tax Services

HIS CPA offers a wide range of tax, financial and consulting services especially tailored towards helping you achieve your goals and an ultimate level of success. Have you ever wanted to work with someone whom you felt really cared about you, your business, your retirement, and planning for your family? I have a heartfelt conviction that I really want to “serve” my fellow Business Owners and to give advice that hopefully you will feel are beyond the scope of CPA services you ever experienced.

Do you want that ole’ time feeling of being served by someone sensitive to you? I welcome meeting with you FOR FREE to discuss you and your business’s plans.  I work exclusively with business owners who are striving to maximize their profit and potential. I bring to the table 36 plus years of experience as a CPA and 26 years of managing my own successful practice.  I strive to anticipate bumps in the road so that you might be able to focus on the business of running your business. I would welcome meeting with you for an initial consultation. Below you will find just a few of our services:

Tax Services

Our CPA firm believes that individuals and corporations should pay the least amount of tax possible, within the limits of the law. We can provide tax advice throughout the year on maximizing tax deductions. When it’s time for filing taxes, we can prepare your federal, Georgia, and other state tax forms.

Internal Revenue Service regulations change every year. Congress is constantly adjusting the tax laws regarding personal and business deductions and tax credits. With our year-round tax planning services, we will help keep increased profits in your pocket by aggressively pursuing every legal deduction.

We have prepared a number of articles describing tax-related concerns for business owners.

The IRS dictates specific time windows for implementing tax saving strategies. Therefore, it is important not to wait until taxes are due before considering the actions you need to take to lower your taxes. Feel free to contact us at any time for a thorough review of your tax situation.

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