Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

December 19th, 2016

Having your CPA be the primary contributor to preparing your internal books and records will do much to ensure you will have reliable monthly and quarterly financial statements.
Put our CPA Talent to work for your Bookkeeping needs to work for you Offering Bookkeeping Solutions you can live with at an affordable price. We work with small to medium size businesses providing bookkeeping services so you don’t have to carry the additional costs of a full-time employee/Controller/Chief Financial Officer. This allows you to save the additional overhead burden of payroll taxes, workers compensation and medical insurance and staff training.

We set up and prepare your internal bookkeeping with the end in mind, knowing at the end of the year your data will have to be in a format ready for presentation to outside parties, such as your banker, and to prepare your entities year-end income taxes.