Changing the World; C12 in Action

June 07th, 2017


Founded in 1992 by Buck Jacobs in Tampa, Florida, C12 has grown from a handful of local Peer Advisory Groups to the nation’s largest network of Christian CEOs, business owners, and executives. C12 is a leader in the movement of God in and through the marketplace. Located in major metro areas across the United States, The C12 Group serves businesses with 5 to 5,000+ employees and annual revenues ranging from $1 million to $1 billion+.


C12 is not simply a CEO roundtable, professional networking group, business Bible study, or guest speaker forum. It is a confidential and intimate environment where like-minded peers share ideas, discover and plan for areas in their business that need improvement, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another to uphold the core values of a Christian business leader.


The C12 Group has become the trusted authority on incorporating business best practices with the foundation of Biblical principles and core values. Business leaders from multiple industries convene monthly for a time of mutual sharpening, high-impact learning, and growth as stewards and Ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace. The C12 experience is accompanied by world-class curriculum and resources curated by top business and ministry leaders.

C12 MEMBERS IMPROVE THEIR BUSINESSES. Through monthly peer advisory group meetings and 1-on-1 coaching sessions, C12 Members gain insight and wisdom from those who have been there. Business issues are presented and weighed in a confidential environment. Decisions made in a C12 peer advisory group can have a significant effect on the company’s effect on a company’s bottom line and long term strategy.

C12 MEMBER COMPANIES CONSISTENTLY OUTPERFORM PEERS. Utilizing the knowledge and acumen acquired through the C12 experience, a majority of C12 Members experience growth in all economic conditions while still delivering on personal and ministry goals.

C12 MEMBERS VIEW THEIR BUSINESS AS A MINISTRY. A balanced approach to organizational and personal development yields long-term results and true success in the eyes of God. C12 member companies have a real ministry impact, in many cases reaching more people than churches, as employees increasingly look to their workplace for more than just a paycheck.

C12 MEMBERS SHARPEN EACH OTHER. Members encourage and hold each other accountable to the core values and Biblical principles that guide them while learning to work on their business, not in it. Results matter. C12 pushes Members to excellence in business, home life, and a relationship with Christ. The C12 experience is not designed as a stop gap solution to a short term problem. It’s a lifelong learning and sharpening opportunity.

C12 MEMBERS STRENGTHEN MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS. Rooted in God’s truth, C12 Members discover and incorporate a balance of work and life. As a result, marriages, families, and professional relationships are improved.

C12 MEMBERS ARE CHALLENGED TO MEASURE THEIR EFFECTIVENESS AS LEADERS. Leadership value add is measured across three major areas: Economic Value, Team Value, and Spiritual Value. Over time, the C12 Tri-Value model systematically helps members recognize trends and areas in need of adjustment. Application of C12’s proven best-practices and Biblical principles helps member companies develop their company’s impact. The C12 Peer Advisory Group provides a forum for accountability, first before the Lord, second to ourselves, and then to one another.

Laure Hoffman | Chair – Atlanta M: 336.202.8366
5566 Colbert Trail, Peachtree Corners, GA 33092 C12 Atlanta